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Why Is It Important To Get Landlord Insurance For Rental Properties?

Insurance is a safety net, and it is always good to have a contingency plan for when unexpected events happen. This is exactly why property owners need to get landlord insurance for their rental properties. There are many options when it comes to insurance but as a rule we recommend an insurance company that specialises in rental properties.
​ Always check what you are covered for:
– Check the excess for rent loss, a lot of the Rental insurance specialist do not have an excess when claiming rent loss.
– How many weeks rent loss does the policy cover?
– Does it cover accidental damage?
– Does it cover malicious damage?
– Most specialist policies now include pet damage and some contents.

We encourage our landlords to ask all the questions to ensure they are getting the right cover.​
If you need advise, please contact one of our friendly Property Managers.

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