Finding the right tenant

With all of the time and effort you have devoted to your investment property, you want to make sure it is well looked after.
SA Rental Solutions can help you find tenants who meet your list of criteria – in an effective manner.

Matching tenants to properties is something our team excels in – using experience and a comprehensive network of real estate professionals, SA Rental Solutions Property Managers have a proven track record of success in finding the right tenant.

SA Rental Solutions have the tools to help you achieve your rental property goals. Our screening process includes checking ‘TICA’ a national default data base as well as checking all references and income.

After we have completed our extensive reference checks we will always present our findings to you and together we make a decision on the ‘Right’ tenant. Once the perfect tenant has been selected, we will also conduct an ingoing inspection which will include a detailed report of the property, plus 400-600 photos of the property. ​
We will also be responsible for collecting bond payments and first rental payments, issuing keys and making sure the tenants are moved into their new home without hassle. We will continue to conduct ongoing property inspections on a regular basis to ensure the property is maintained – protecting your investment from damages and other unfortunate circumstances. One of our talented property managers will also act as the main point of contact with tenants, making them responsible for any damaged caused, as well as mitigating any problems that arise.

Why not give one of our friendly team members a call to find out more.